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Browse our range of syringes and needles designed to meet the standards for any medical use. From safety and blunt fill needles to various sizes and capacity syringes, we offer high-quality products that prioritise precision, safety and ease of use.

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Syringes are indispensable tools in healthcare, used for accurate medication administration, fluid withdrawal, and various medical procedures. We offer a variety of different types of syringes including luer-lock tips, luer-slick tips, catheter tips and low-dose syringes. Whether you need a syringe for injections, vaccinations or irrigation, you’ll find the perfect solution here.

Medical Needles

Medical needles are essential for a wide range of medical procedures, from drawing blood to administering medications and vaccinations. Our selection of hypodermic needles includes safety, blunt fill and filter needles, all of which ensure maximum safety and effective precision. Browse our range to ensure you have the best tool for each procedure.

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When you choose to buy syringes and needles from Doctors Essentials, you are not only choosing quality, reliability and convenience but excellent customer satisfaction too. We are committed to providing medical professionals and students with the best tools for their practice, read our excellent Trustpilot reviews to see our true customer satisfaction.

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How to correctly dispose of used syringes and needles?

To dispose of used medical syringes and needles safely, place them in a puncture-proof sharps container immediately after use. Once the container is full, follow your local regulations or guidelines for proper disposal.

How do I select the right needle gauge and length for my procedure?

The choice of needle gauge and length depends on the specific procedure and patient factors. If unsure consult with medical protocols or another healthcare professional for guidance.

What is your returns policy?

We offer a full refund or exchange on items 30 days after purchase. Please ensure the product you are returning is unused, and in the same condition that you received it. Some items are not eligible for returns. For more information please visit our returns page or contact us.

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