Cardiology Stethoscopes

Cardiology stethoscopes are designed to ensure cardiologists and medical professionals detect the faintest and hard-to-hear heart sounds through isolation and amplification through sharp, AFD technology. Ensure accurate detection and diagnosis of aortic stenosis, faint pulmonary anomalies and S3 gallop murmurs with adjustable frequency diaphragms. Shop high-quality stethoscopes with top-range features, providing lightweight, comfortable wear providing clean, crisp amplification and response. Each of our ADC Cardiology Stethoscopes comes with a lifetime warranty providing the ADC lifetime promise.

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ADC Cardiology Stethoscopes

Highly renowned and respected, The ADC’s (American Diagnostic Corporation) Stethoscopes are specifically designed to provide exceptional acoustic clarity. ADC stethoscopes are greatly known for their strength and durability, high level of comfort and clear, cut acoustics at an affordable price point. All ADC Cardiology Stethoscopes are available in a range of colours.

Common features across the ADC Cardiology Stethoscopes include a turntable diaphragm allowing the cardiologist to hear both high and low-frequency sounds with a simple adjustment of the dual chest piece - compromising of an adult diaphragm and a smaller bell for pediatric practices. Phthalates and latex-free tubing ensure minimal risk of allergic reactions paired with no-chill rims to ensure patient comfort.

Our Range of ADC Cardiology Stethoscopes

  • The ADC Adscope 606 Ultra-lite Cardiology Stethoscope: Ultralight for enhanced comfort the ADC 606 provides top-of-the-range stethoscope features at an attractive price point while also promising high-quality acoustic responses
  • ADC Adscope 602 Cardiology Stethoscope: Strong and durable the ADC 602 compromises of a two-sided chest piece, allowing for an easy switch between high and low-frequency sounds
  • ADC Adscope 601 Convertible Cardiology Stethoscope: The convertible chest piece allows for an easy switch between an adult and pediatric diaphragm with no compromise on acoustic performance, a great choice for high-traffic medical facilities with a range of patient types
  • ADC Adscope 600 Cardiology Stethoscope Platinum: Tunable diaphragm, allowing for a wide range of frequency sounds. The ADC 600’s ergonomic headset and chest piece provide maximised sound quality and acoustic performance

All ADC Cardiology Stethoscopes include a lifetime warranty, inclusive of free replacement parts, forever.

Shop Trusted ADC Cardiology Stethoscopes with Doctor Essentials

At Doctor Essentials we work hard to empower our customers and medical professionals with high-quality medical essentials. We’re proud to offer ADC stethoscopes offering exceptional acoustic performance and durability at an attractive price point.

Our expert selection of ADC cardiology stethoscopes stands as a great choice for both experienced medical professionals and practitioners or medical students. The Doctor Essentials team is always on hand to offer expert advice and support to customers. Whether you're eager to know more about a piece of equipment order and delivery information, we're just a phone call away (Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM) or complete our quick online form and we’ll get back to you.

Enjoy free standard shipping on orders over £35, with same-day dispatch for orders placed before 2:30 PM. Get your stethoscope quickly, directly to your home or medical facility. For more information regarding our delivery and returns policy, please see our delivery and returns page.


Where are ADC Stethoscopes made?

Made in the USA.

What are the benefits of choosing an ADC Stethoscope?

The smart design and affordable price point of ADC Stethoscopes make them a great option for medical professionals looking for a high-quality, good-value stethoscope option.

How long is the warranty on all ADC Stethoscopes?

ADC offer a lifetime warranty for their stethoscopes.

What are the ADC Stethoscopes made from?

The Adscope® 600, Adscope® 601 and Adscope® 602 are made from stainless steel and the Adscope® 606 is made from ultra-lightweight aluminium.

Do you offer a student discount on ADC stethoscopes?

We offer student discounts on our own Doctor Essentials "Back to School" packs including all the medical essentials and equipment for medical students.

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