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Our range of medical otoscopes to buy online is trusted by medical professionals. Whether you need a dermascope, throat illuminator, or pocket set, we will have the model that is right for you.

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Premium Otoscopes For Sale In The UK

In a budget model, the light source of an otoscope tends to be a vacuum lamp, while our premium otoscopes use fibre optics with halogen, xenon or LED lights.

Some models also have a rheostatic power switch (rather than a simple on/off switch), giving you control over the light intensity.

Our range of higher-end, long-lasting quality otoscopes often have an insufflator port, allowing an insufflator bulb to be connected for pneumatic otoscopy. This allows observation of how the tympanic membrane moves under small changes in air pressure – reduced or no mobility may indicate perforation, fluid build-up in the middle ear or tympanosclerosis.

How To Use Your Otoscope For Maximum Efficiency

A protective speculum should always be popped on over the ear tip before deployment – both reusable and single-use versions are available, and choosing the right size for the patient is vital.

The larger specula can afford a wider angle of view but may be uncomfortable for children, whose ear canals are narrower than adults.

An otoscope is a relatively simple instrument with little that can go wrong as long as it’s given the usual TLC that such a key part of your medical toolkit deserves:

  • Check the batteries regularly for signs of corrosion and replace both if you notice the light output dimming.
  • Store in the case to reduce the risk of dust and other contaminants affecting performance.
  • Remove the batteries for extended periods of storage.

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The otoscopes we provide to all medical professionals at Doctor Essentials are ideal for Doctors, with durable design for nasal examination and other medical examinations.

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Do your otoscopes need to be plugged in for use?

No. Our otoscopes are rechargeable, meaning that you can use them while they are not plugged in.

How long does shipping take?

Our free standard shipping option includes same-day dispatch for UK orders placed before 2:30 pm (Monday - Friday, excluding public holidays) using Royal Mail’s 48-hour tracked shipping.

Are your otoscopes compatible with 5G wifi?

No, these otoscopes are not 5G compatible.

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