ADC Blood Pressure Monitors

Discover our range of ADC Blood Pressure monitors for professional and home use. Using the highest quality materials and technology, they provide accurate readings giving you an accurate diagnosis.

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ADC Blood Pressure Monitors: Unmatched Precision for Health Monitoring

Explore our range of ADC Blood Pressure Monitors and ADC blood pressure cuffs to achieve accurate and reliable health data, whether you're a healthcare professional or an individual monitoring health at home.

Clinical Accuracy:

ADC Blood Pressure Monitors are engineered for precise and clinically accurate blood pressure readings, delivering reliable pulse rates and health data for healthcare professionals and individuals.

Innovative Technology:

Utilising advanced algorithms and user-friendly interfaces, our blood pressure monitors incorporate cutting-edge technology to ensure state-of-the-art health monitoring.

User-Friendly Design:

Designed with a user-friendly approach, ADC Blood Pressure Monitors are straightforward to operate, catering to both at-home users and healthcare practitioners in clinical settings.

Customisable Cuffs:

The inclusion of customisable cuffs ensures a comfortable and accurate fit, accommodating various arm sizes and enhancing the precision of blood pressure measurements.

Memory and Data Storage:

Featuring memory and data storage capabilities, ADC monitors enable users to track and analyse their blood pressure trends over time for a comprehensive health history review.

Compact and Portable:

ADC Blood Pressure Monitors are designed to be compact and portable, providing convenience for individuals who need to monitor their blood pressure regularly, wherever they may be.

Clinically Validated:

ADC Blood Pressure Monitors undergo rigorous clinical validation to meet industry standards, providing users with clinically validated measurements for accuracy assurance.

Digital & Aneroid ADC Blood Pressure Cuffs & Monitors

Discover reliable blood pressure monitoring with our wide range of ADC Digital and Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitors, available in our stock.

Digital Monitors

Experience the convenience of automatic functionality for swift and accurate readings. ADC digital monitors offer a user-friendly digital display and portability, making them suitable for home use and professional use.

Aneroid Monitors

Ideal for healthcare professionals and traditional accuracy enthusiasts, our Aneroid Sphygmomanometer provides manual precision. Choose from our range, including classics like the ADC Prosphyg™ 760 or the portable Prosphyg™ 760 Pocket Aneroid. Each monitor is crafted for durability, featuring customisable cuffs for a comfortable fit during measurements.

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Are ADC blood pressure monitors suitable for home use?

Yes, ADC offers digital and Aneroid monitors that are suitable for home use. Digital monitors are convenient, while Aneroid monitors provide traditional manual precision.

Can I trust the accuracy of ADC blood pressure monitors?

Absolutely. ADC is known for its commitment to precision and reliability. Our Aneroid monitors are commonly used by healthcare professionals for their accuracy.

Do ADC monitors come with a warranty?

Warranty details may vary by model. Please check the product specifications or contact our customer service for information on warranties for specific ADC monitors.

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