Paediatric Stethoscopes

Provide specialist care to infants and children with a paediatric stethoscope. Expertly designed to provide greater acoustic sensitivity, these stethoscopes help you detect higher-pitched sounds from young patients. Shop ADC’s fun, playful animal design or the dual-headed, paediatric stethoscopes sporting a smaller diaphragm for greater accuracy in detecting sounds.

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Take Care Of Young Patients With Stethoscopes For Kids

Explicitly designed to support you in assessing baby, infant and child patients, a paediatric stethoscope ensures you detect and diagnose with confidence and ease. Smaller hearts need a thinner diaphragm, a smaller bell and shorter tubes for accurate sound detection. Find all these features and more with a paediatric stethoscope:

Smaller chestpiece

A smaller chestpiece helps ensure assessments are more comfortable and less intimidating for young patients

Extra deep bell

The deeper bell helps you identify lower-frequency sounds that are more common in young patients

Smaller diaphragm & bell

The paediatric stethoscope chestpiece is smaller, the smaller design lends itself to greater accuracy and positioning on smaller chests

Greater acoustic sensitivity

Hear, lung and heart sounds clearly with stronger acoustics to help you monitor and assess your younger patients

ADC Paediatric Stethoscopes

The ADC 618 Paediatric Stethoscope - This fun, child-friendly stethoscope is bound to put a smile on any small face. Distract and entertain small patients with the detachable and interchangeable animal faces.

As any stethoscope should be, the ADC 618 is lightweight and ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable, all-day wear.  The tunable diaphragm feature provides excellent acoustics, supporting you in assessing high and low-frequency sounds. Diagnose with confidence and stay protected with a lifetime stethoscope warranty, all at a fantastic price point.

ADC Adscope 604 Paediatric Stethoscope - Available in a range of colours, the ADC 604 paediatric stethoscope means you’re able to offer accurate diagnoses, all at an attractive price point. The extra deep bell, ultra-sensitive, adjustable diaphragm and acoustic seal ensure you don’t miss a thing when assessing young patients! The no-chill rim provides complete patient comfort during assessments, promising no nasty shocks or surprises. Your high level of care is perfectly matched with ADC’s paediatric stethoscope, providing a better experience for both paediatric nurses and patients.

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We’re entirely committed to offering an extensive range of quality medical products for your medical care and studies. Not only are we proud to offer a whole array of equipment but quality customer service too. For product support or help placing an order, speak to our friendly team today, we’re on hand to help.

Shop paediatric stethoscopes from ADC online with us and we’ll dispatch your order that very same day when ordering before 2:30 pm. For free, standard delivery, spend £35 or more and benefit from a generous 30-day returns period too should you change your mind!


What are the main features of an ADC paediatric stethoscope?

Our ADC stethoscopes are lightweight with a small tunable diaphragm supporting you in listening to both low and high-frequency sounds. The no-chill diaphragms mean a comfortable experience for your young patient and no nasty chill shocks. Our range includes a whole array of stethoscope designs and colours.

Can an adult stethoscope be used on an infant or child?

No, it's best to use stethoscopes designed for their patient's age as stethoscope features will vary between paediatric and adult stethoscopes.

Why should I choose an ADC stethoscope?

The lightweight design ensures you stay comfortable throughout all your daily tasks and assessments so neck pain and strain are one less thing to worry about. What’s more, all ADC stethoscopes are acoustically tested in the USA to ensure you receive a stethoscope that lives up to its name and promise. Your ADC purchase is also supported by a lifetime guarantee covering spare parts and damages.

Do your paediatric stethoscopes come with a warranty?

Yes, all our ADC paediatric stethoscopes include the ADC lifetime warranty which ensures you are covered with spare parts and repairs for life.

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